Clinical Services

Styles       Hair Color     
Basic    $12.00   w/ Basic Style   $25.00+
Advanced   $22.00   w/ Advanced Style   $35.00+
Shampoo   $5.00   2-Process Style   $45.00+
Dreds   $35.00+   Corrective Style   $65.00+
        W/O Style   $15.00+
PERMS-Inc Cut       Relaxer    
Perm w/Style/Cut   $35.00+   w/ Basic Style   $29.00+
Spiral   $65.00+   w/ Advanced Style   $39.00+
Jheri Curls   $35.00+   w/o Style   $17.00+
Weave & Other Services       Other Services    
Bonded   $4.00+   Dandruff Treatment   $3.00+
Sewn   $6.00+   Conditioning   $5.00+
Braids-per row   $4.00+   Edge Ups   $3.00+
Beard Trims   $3.00+   Shave   $5.00+
Manicure   $10.00+   Eyebrow Arch   $5.00+
Haircut   $7.00+   Facial   $10.00+
Clipper Cut   $5.00+   Pedicure   $10.00+
Designs   $3.00+   Nail Art   $8.00+

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*All prices subject to change according to the length and texture of hair. $5.00 additional charge for every 2" of hair past the shoulders. Due to insurance reasons, no outside products will be allowed into our schools. No chemical service will be performed on any child under the age of 10. We want you to be happy with the service you receive at Southeastern Beauty Schools. If you are not happy with your service you must let us know BEFORE you leave the school or a WITHIN TWENTY-FOUR (24) hour period of your services being done. The following procedure must be used in order to satisfy your needs: Understand that we do not give refunds on monies paid; The first service must be on record showing it was paid; Contact the Instructor in charge of the class you attended upon receiving the service; At point of contact with the Instructor, schedule an appointment for consultation of the complaint; If a chemical service is not satisfactory at the time of being done for reasons such as: itching, or burning due to irritations caused by you, the patron, the service must still be paid for and you must return when the Instructor states that it will be convenient to provide said service; We do not guarantee perms in extremely long hair with a weight factor that needs cutting; We do not guarantee temporary styles; A $5.00 surcharge will apply if fault of said service is due to circumstances be- yond school limits. (ex. Weather, hair condition, hair texture, etc). All work is performed by students supervised by qualified Instructors. Once again, we appreciate your patronage and the opportunity you give our students for furthering their education.